SSD’s mission is to develop safe and convenient products. All our kitchen appliances are equipped with several safety functions, most of these being preventive-guarding against inquisitive children and accidental ignition, or cutting off gas for an accidental burning out fire. With the graying of society in mind, the Corporation is also devoting resources to ensure the safety and convenience of the older generation. For example, characters used on tabletop stove panels are larger, and lighting levels have been adjusted. Remote control units for hot-water units have also redesigned for better visibility, convenience and new lifestyle.

And our goal is to serve as a bridge between energy and the home. As we progressively that are more comfortable, as benefits the 21st century. Issues relevant to today's society-such as environment preservation, energy conservation and healthcare-influence our growth. But also our sales operations and financial base. Our primary goal is the fulfillment of our customers' needs by making their daily lives more convenient.

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